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Temperature Range 35±1℃~50±1℃ 270L Vertical Type Anti-aging Salt Spray Test Chamber Universal Testing Machine

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Detailed Product Description
Test Applicable: NSS, ACSS,CASS,CORK Temp Uniformity: ±2.0℃
Power:: 2.5KW Usage: Salt Spray Test Chamber
Interior Size: W 600 × D 450 × H 400 Mm Air Compressor: 2HP 1/2HP
Temperature Range 35±1℃50±1℃ 270L Vertical Type Anti-aging Salt Spray Test Chamber Universal Testing Machine
Product Description
Salt cycle corrosion chamber is used to create and maintain the salt spray (fog) test environment, and test the anti-corosion quality of the materials surfaces, and is suitable for researching materials, light industry, electronics, instrumentation and other industries a variety of products
Specifications (Note: We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice)
Model HST-160-NS HST-120-BS HST-90-BS HST-60-SS
Interior dimensions(W*H*D)mm 1600 X 500 X 1000 1200 X 500 X 800 900 X 500 X 600 600 X 400 X 450
Exterior dimensions(W*H*D)mm 2240 X 1500 X 1600 1410 X 1280 X 880 1460 X 1280 X 910 1130 X 1070 X 630
Testspace Volume(L) 800 480 270 108
Salt Water Tank Volume (L) 60 40 25 15
Heater 15KW+1KW 11KW+1KW 7KW+0.75KW 3KW+0.75KW
Air compressor 2HP 2HP 1/2HP 1/2HP
Temp. range (Testing barrel) 35±1℃~50±1℃
Temp. range (Pressure barrel) 47±1℃~63±1℃
Test applicable NSS, ACSS,CASS,CORK
Pressed Air Pressure 1.00±0.01kgf/cm²
Spray Amount 1.0~2.0ml/80cm²/h(Collect at least 16 hours, take the average)
Ambient Relative Humidity More than 85%R.H.
PH Value 6.5~7.2 3.0~3.2
Spraying Manner Programmable Spraying
Power AC220V 1Φ 50Hz
(1) Spray tower
(2) Funnel cup
(3) Touch screen controller
(4) Regulator
(5) Pressure gauge
(6) Metering cylinder
Controller(figure 2)
Controller instruction:
(1) Chamber real-time temperature
(2) Chamber temperature setting
(3) Actual test time
(4) Test time setting
(5) Accumulative time
(6) Power swithch
(7) Machine start/stop working button
(8) Spray start/pause button
(9) Test chamber low water alarm
(10) Defog after test
(11) Salt water tank low water alarm
(12) Reduce setting value
(13) Increase setting value
(14) Pressure barrel low water alarm
(15) Non-spray time setting
(16) Spray time setting
(17) Pressure barrel temperature setting
(18) Pressure barrel real-time temperature
Control system:
Test chamber temperature control: Control the chamber temperature , according to standard, NSS AASS test is 35℃,and CASS test is 50℃.
Pressure barrel temperature control:Control the saturated air barrel temperature, NSS AASS is 47℃,CASS test is 63℃.
NSS AASS Test:Chamber temperature set 35℃, Pressure barrel temperature set in 47℃(40℃-50℃).
CASS test :Chamber tember temperature set 50℃, Pressure barrel temperature set 63℃(60℃-70℃).
Power switch:Control the whole machine power. Long press for power on or off.
Start/stop switch:Control the heating system of test chamber, heat sink and Pressure barrel.
Spray/pause switch:control the spray system.
Defog switch:control defog system, clear the salt mist in chamber after test.
Test chamber low water alarm:When the water level is low, the light will flicker . Add pure water into the test chamber until the light doesn,t flicker.
Salt water tank low water alarm:When the salt water level is low, the light will flicker.Add salt water into the salt water tank until the light doesn,t flicker.
Pressure barrel low water alarm:When the water level is low, the light will flicker.Add pure water into the pressure barrel nutil the light doesn,t flicker.
Illustration on the back of the salt spray tester
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