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Digital Hot Sale Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance Test for School, Hospital, Lab, Factory

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Digital Hot Sale Salt Spray Corrosion Resistance Test for School, Hospital, Lab, Factory

Salt Spray Test Chamber-It's the salt mist corrosion test equipment of artificial-simulation maritime climate, can perform the test of accelerating the change of corrosion performance of electric equipment, metallic materials and surface treatment such as the coating, galvanizing, plating, organic/inorganic coating, anodizing treatment, rust-proff oil coating and so on. It's also one of three-prevention(hot and humid, salt mist and mold) test devicesof artificial cliamte environment, applicable for the industries including the machinery, defense industry, lingh industry electron,light industry electron, instrument&industry. What's more of this device also used for acetic acid mist test.

Characteristics( Hot sale Salt Spray Test Chamber for Corrosion Resistance Test )
1. Adopt automatically and Manual adding water system, can watered by itself while lack of water.
2. adopt Bo Nute Principle which change saline water into atomization but no crystallization produced.
3. Double over-heat protection devise and alarm when water short storage to ensure use safety.
4. Local temperature and humidity inside and outside the box are used for A-level gray high-corrosive PVC, for salt spray, copper acetate, and other test specifications Test.
5. According to JIS, ASTM, CNS, GB standard parameter setting operation.

Design standard:
1. GB/T 10125-1997 salt spray test
2. GB/T 10587-2006 salt spray test
3. GB/T 1771-2007 salt spray test
4. ASTM B117-97 salt spray test
5. GB10593.2-1990 salt spray test
6. QB/T 3826-1999 salt spray test
7. QB/T 3827-1999 salt spray test
8. GB/T 12967.3-2008 salt spray test
9. CNS 4158 salt spray test
10. CNS 4159 CASS Accelerated acetic acid copper salt spray test
11. GB/T 12967.3-91 CASS Accelerated acetic acid copper salt spray test
ISO-9227, ASTM-B117, JIS-D0201, H8502, H8610, Z2371, GB/T10125

Specifications and technical parameters
Model HST-SS-60A(B) HST-SS-90A(B) HST-SS-120A(B) HST-SS-160A(B) HST-SS-200A(B)
Inner chamber size
60x45x40 60x60x50 120X100X50 160X100X50 200X120X60
Exterior chamber size LxWxH(cm) 107x60x118 141x88x128 190x130x140 230x130x140 270x150x150
Volume of test Box 108L 270L 600L 800L 1440L
Volume of pressure
15L 25L 40L 40L 40L
Power supply AC220V AC220V  
Instruction A stands for standard press button type; B stands for touch screen type;
Temp. range temp. of
test box
NSS ACSS 35ºC±1ºC/ CASS 50ºC±1ºC
temp. of
NSS ACSS 47ºC±1ºC/ CASS 63ºC±1ºC
temp. of
salt water
Conpressed air pressure
Spray volume
Ralative humidity 85%        
Salt water 5% NaCI solutions or adding 0.26g CuCI2 to 1L of 5% NaCI solutions
Exter./inner.Material Imported gray PVC board Temperature resistance by 85ºC, transparent PVC cover; pressure bucket used SS304 with high pressure resistance and best insulation effect.
System Heating Adopting direct heating mode, the heating speed is fast to reduce the Stand-by time. When the temperature reaches, automatically switch to the constant temperature state. The temperature is accurate and the power consumption is less. Pure titanium heating tube, resistance acid and alkali corrosion, long service life.
Controller salinometer,fog collector, timer, sparying.
Continuous spraying.
Defogging Downtime clear test chamber salt spray, to prevent corrosive gas outflow damage laboratory precision instruments.
Other components Digital electronic control
safety protection device 1. When the water level is low, the power supply is automatically cut off, and the safety warning device is lighted.
2. When the temperature is over, the heater power is automatically cut off, and the safety warning device is switched on.
3. Salt water level is low, safety warning lamp lighting display device.
4. leakage protection function to prevent personal injury and instrument failure caused by line leakage or short circuit.


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