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CCT Chamber Accelerated Cyclic Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

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CCT Chamber Accelerated Cyclic Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

Cyclic Corrosion Chamber can perform 4 distinct climatic modes.
* Salt Spray mode;
* Drying mode;
* Controlled temperature mode;
* Controlled humidity mode

Product Application:
Internal dimensions (mm) 770*1430*700 800*1900*850 850*2250*850
Overall dimensions (mm) 1450*2520*1620 1350*3000*1700 1650*3200*1700
Temperature range 10ºC ~110ºC
Humidity range 30% ~ 98% RH
Temperature tolerance +/- 2.0 ºC
Humidity tolerance +2%,-3%
Salt concentration tolerance ±1%
Spray deposition 1~2ml / 80cm2 · h
Temperature Controller Programmable color display touch screen controller & Interface R232 & PC Link
Temperature sensor Platinum resistance. PT100ohm / MV A-class
Humidity sensor dry and wet bulb sensor
Salt fog collected With standard fog collector and metering cylinder
salt water filtration With water filter near the suction tubes( Avoid the nozzle blockage)
Salt water preheating The temperature for salt water should be equal with workroom temperature
Spraying system Atomizer Tower and Nozzle without crystallization
Interior /Exterior material Glass fiber reinforced plastics; (corrosion resistance, Anti-aging, high strength)
Sealing Hydrostatic hood seal
Power Supply 380V 50HZ Three-phase

Fog Chamber:
Fog chamber is made from Glass fiber reinforced plastics,
Material is corrosion resistance, Anti-aging, high strength.
Hydrostatic hood seal
Test specimen bracket / holder

Atomizer Tower and Spraying:
2 sets of atomizer tower installed.
Quartz spray nozzles.
Collectors in fog chamber.
Spray deposition: 1~2ml / 80cm2 · h
Spray type: Continuous / Periodic
Fog is more fine and uniform distribution.
Perform a variety of salt corrosion test.

Cooling System:
Cooling unit is French TECUMSEH compressor.
Environment friendly Refrigerant R404A
Humidification System:
External isolation, stainless steel surface evaporation humidifier
Control Panel:
Programmable color display touch screen controller.
Can perform cyclic testing.

About US:
WUXI Haston  environmental simulation industry is a manufacture and exporter of climatic test chambers in China, and have over 8 years overseas market in test chambers to more than 25 countries.
Haston  main products :
·       Temperature and humidity climatic test chamber
·       Thermal shock chamber
·       Salt spray test chamber & CCT
·       IP test chambers
·       Weathering test chambers
·       Ozone test chamber
·       Sulfur dioxide corrosion test chamber
·       Drying Oven
·       Walk-in chamber
wuxi Haston Industry undertakes standard and customized climatic chamber projects, we involve with designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, service, mantinance and calibration, pls contact us, we will provide the best solution to you.

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We control quality from the materials, electronic parts,accessories and many assembly parts of the products.
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All our test chambers accept third party inspection.
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