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The Door With A Big Window Automatic Sand Dust Test Chamber

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Detailed Product Description
Humidity.Range: 45%~75% Mess Diameter: 50um
Testing Temp: RT+10~70℃ Internal Material: SUS304stainless Steel Plate
Wire Spacing: 75um Gate Structure: The Door With A Big Window
Type Of Testing Dust: Dry Talc Powder    

The Door With A Big Window Automatic Sand Dust Test Chamber

Product Description

Automatic Sand Dust Test Equipment / Chamber / Instrument simulate a comprehensive environment to test the exposure of automotive and electronic components at concentrated levels of dust in order to validate products seal integrity.

1 Internal dimension (D*W*H) mm 500*500*500 800*800*800 1000*1000*1000 1000*1500*1000
2 External dimension (D*W*H) mm L950×D720×H1500 L1250×D1020×H1770 L1450×D1220×H1970 L1450*D1720*H1970
3 Testing Temp RT+10~70℃(should be declare when order)
4 Humidity.Range 45%~75%(can’t display)
5 Mess diameter 50um
6 Wire spacing 75um
7 talc powder quantity 2~4kg/m
8 type of testing dust dry talc powder
9 falling dust Free fall
10 Testing time 0-999 H (adjust)
11 time of vibration 0-999H(adjust)
12 timing accuracy ±1 s
13 External material A3 steel with powder coating
14 Internal material SUS304stainless steel plate
15 gate structure the door with a big window, and equipped with dust scraper
16 protective device 0-999/H(Adjust)
vacuum degree 0—10Kpa(Adjust)
speed of evacuation 0-2400L/H(Adjust) 0-4800 L/H(Adjust) 0-6000 L/H(Adjust))
17 Power supply(V) AC220V
18 Power(KW) 1KW 1.5KW 2KW
19 Standard IEC60529:1989+A1:1999,GB4208,GB7000.(IP5X,IP6X)
Features :
·       HASTON dust testing chamber vertical circulation airflow carries dust and the test dust can be recycled;
·       Using a single high-power low-noise centrifugal fan, according to the test requirements to adjust wind speed by conversion speed regulator.
·       The whole ventilation uses imported stainless steel plate, The bottom of the air duct is connected with the conical hopper, the air inlet and outlet of the fan are directly connected with the air duct, and then the top diffuser of the working chamber is connected to the working chamber body in proper position to form an "O" closed vertical blowing dust circulation system, so that air flow can flow smoothly and the maximum dust dispersed evenly;
The test box for low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, lamps, household appliances and other products in the storage, transportation and use of sand and dust are often affected by the environment. Especially cars, electrical appliances by the impact of dust is more significant. This equipment is used artificial dust environment, to test the test of dust resistance of the test equipment, test specimens in this environment in the sealing and corrosion resistance
Working principle:
Centrifugal fan is the main source of dust movement, the high-speed operation of the fan so that dust into the fan due to the centrifugal force of the role of fan blades into the dust pipe dust. The wind speed of the pipeline is usually more than 7.5m / s (too low wind speed will make the dust precipitate in the pipeline will cause the test tube can not work). The dust line was sprayed from above into the test chamber and passed through the sample at a rate of> 2 m / s. Sand and dust chamber As the lower part of the working box for the funnel, it can precipitate down the dust into the lower part of the 72 × 50um filter. Through the vibrating motor vibration, less than the diameter of the filter hole in the dust and centrifugal fan sucked so back and forth.
Standards and Test Methods:
·       GB/T2423.37-2006 Environmental testing for electric and electronic products - Part 2: Test methods - Test L:Dust and sand
·       GB4208-2008 IP (Ingress Protection) Code
·       GB/T4942.1-2001 Classfication of Degrees of Protection Provided By Enclosures of Rotating Electrical Machines (IP Code)
·       GB11564-2008 Retro Reflector for Motor Vehicles
·       GB7000.1-2002/IEC60589-1999 General Safety Requirements and Tests for Luminaires
GB/T10485-2008 IP (Ingress Protection) Code